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SPAC Mission

The Soil and Plant Analysis Council. (1) provide scientific knowledge and training in analysis methods used in nutrient management.

What We Do

SPAC provides a forum for scientists, professionals and technical personnel in academics and industry involved in agricultural laboratory testing of soil, plant, water, manure and compost for plant nutrients in North America. SPAC publishes a quarterly newsletter highlighting activities and topics related analysis methods, instrumentation and technology. It collaborates with Agricultural Laboratory Trade Association (ALTA) and regional soil test workgroups NCERA-13, SERA-IEG-6, MASTPAWG, NECC-1312, and WERA-103, on issues relevant to soil testing and sustainable nutrient management. In concert with International Governance Committee (IGC), the SPAC engages in organizing the biennial International Symposia on Soil and Plant Analysis (ISSPA).

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Quarterly Newsletter

The Council publishes a quarterly newsletter on current and near future priorities


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We help organize the biennial International Symposia on Soil and Plant Analysis (ISSPA)


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SPAC membership offers discounted rates for two journals.


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Soil Scoops

SPAC offers standard and custom soil scoops for soil testing laboratories.




The Soil and Plant Analysis Council partnered with the Agriculture Laboratory Testing Association (ALTA) (formerly the Illinois Soil Testing Association) in 2018 to jointly developed a certification program for plant analysis laboratories: Plant Analysis Certification (PAC) program.

The objective of this program is to assure plant nutrient analyses provided to Ag producers in the United States are within laboratory statistical performance norms. Plant analysis parameters include: N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, Zn, Mn, Fe, B, Cu and optional NO3-N, NH4-N, PO4-P Cl and SO4-S. PAC certification is evaluated annually and is overseen by the ALTA-PAC assessor. More information can be found at the PAC web site at:

ALTA-PAC Homepage


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Stay up to date with recent literature and findings! Our quarterly newsletters include messages from SPAC President, information on webinars, conferences, awards, and more.

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SPAC Board

The SPAC board is comprised of academics, researchers and directors of laboratories involved in soil and plant science and nutrient management. The board convenes each fall, and during the year based on activities and projects.

Board Members

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International Partners

The Soil and Plant Analysis Council collaborates internationally with sister organizations around the world in organizing ISSPAs, laboratory proficiency testing, and workshops.

Our Partners

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JB Jones Awards

The prestigious J. Benton Jones Jr. Award is given to an individual who has made significant scientific and education contribution to the development and advancement of soil testing and plant analysis

Award Recipients

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