Soil Regional Work Groups

Soil Work Groups


NCERA-13 (North Central Extension Research Activities). The NCERA-13 committee serves to facilitate cooperative research and educational programs in soil testing and plant analysis throughout the North Central region. Objectives: (1) improve and standardize methods for the analysis of soils, plants, and manures; (2) improve crop nutrient recommendations based on soil, plant and manure analysis; (3) disseminate information on recommended soil tests, plant and manure analyses; and (4) foster interaction between public and private soil testing and plant analysis laboratories.


NECC-1312 (Northeast Coordinating Committee on Soil Testing). Objectives: (1) improve, standardize, and validate soil, plant, and waste analysis methods used the Northeastern US (2) Improve crop nutrient recommendations based on soil, plant, and waste analyses; (3) provide a forum for discussing and responding to challenges facing soil testing and nutrient management; (4) support extension efforts in soil testing, nutrient management; and (5) serve as an educational resource on interpretation of soil, plant and waste analysis for the public, environmental, regulators, and the commercial testing industry.


SERA-IEG-6 (Southern Extension and Research Activity Information Exchange Group 6). The SERA-IEG-6 is a cooperative effort among the Southern states to develop, modify, and document reference analytical procedures; encourage uniformity in the soil test correlation/calibration/interpretation process for the development of nutrient and resource management guidelines for laboratories in the Southern Region of the US. It’s mission is to increase the awareness, understanding, and interpretation of soil, plant, byproduct, and water analyses and their proper application to land and resource management in the Southern USA through unbiased, scientifically sound information.



WERA-103 Western Nutrient Management and Water Quality (Western Education/Extension and Research Activities ) Comprised of Land Grant Universities, USDA-ARS, commercial laboratories and industry representatives the Western US. Activities: (1) refine and improve nutrient recommendations in the Western Region; (2) develop and promote strategies for sustainability of soil, water and air resources ; and (3) provide education and outreach on the principles of soil-plant-animal-water systems.