JB Jones Award

Award Recipients

The prestigious J. Benton Jones Jr. Award is given to an individual who has made significant scientific and education contribution to the development and advancement of soil testing and plant analysis and is presented at biennium ISSPA symposiums.

Nominations for the JB Jones award are excepted fall of the year prior to the next ISSPA symposia.


J. Benton Jones Jr.

1st ISSPA - 1989 - Fresno, California USA

Victor Houba.png

Victor Houba

Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

2nd ISSPA - 2001 - Orlando, Florida USA

Yash Kalra.png

Yash Kalra

Forestry Canada, Edmonton, Canada

3rd ISSPA -1993 - Olympia, Washington USA

Nat Dellavalle.jpg

Nat Dellavalle

Dellavalle Laboratory, Fresno, California, USA

4th ISSPA - 1995 -Wageningen, The Netherlands

Wayne Sabbe.png

Wayne Sabbe

University of Arkansas, USA

5th ISSPA - 1997- Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Umesh Gupta.png

Umesh Gupta

Agri-Food Canada, PEI

6th ISSPA - 1999 - Brisbane, Australia

Ted Peck.png

Ted Peck

University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois USA

7th ISSPA - 2001- Edmonton, Alberta Canada

George Rayment.jpg

George Rayment

ASPAC Queensland, Australia

8th ISSPA -2003 - Somerset West, South Africa

Malcom Sumner.jpg

Malcom Sumner

University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia USA

9th ISSPA -2005 - Cancun, Mexico

John Ryan.jpg

John Ryan


10th ISSPA - 2007 - Budapest, Hungary

Tamás Németh.jpg

Tamás Németh

Institute of Soil Science, Budapest, Hungary

11th ISSPA - 2009 - Santa Rosa, California USA

Ray Ward.jpg

Ray Ward

Ward Laboratory, Kearney, Nebraska USA

12th ISSPA - 2011 - Chania, Greece

Arrie van Vuuren.jpg

Arrie van Vuuren

Triomf Advanced Nutrients, Johannesburg, South Africa

13th ISSPA - 2013 - Queenstown, New Zealand

David Kissel.jpg

David Kissel

University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia USA

14th ISSPA - 2015 - Kona, Hawaii USA

Dr. Abdul Rashid.jpg

Dr. Abdul Rashid

Land Resources Research, NARC, Pakistan

15th ISSPA - 2017 - Nanjing, China

Roger Hill.jpg

Roger Hill

Hill Laboratories, Hamilton, New Zealand

16th ISSPA - 2019 - Wageningen, The Netherlands