SPAC Board

Who We Are

The Soil and Plant Analysis Council is governed by a board comprised of academics, researchers and directors of laboratories involved in soil and plant science and nutrient management. Laboratory board members and individual industry class members represent research and laboratory industry experts with extensive experience in laboratory test methodologies, soil analysis, plant nutrition, and nutrient management. Board members are selected by the SPAC executive board and serve for a term of five years.

SPAC is overseen by an executive board consisting of president, president elect, past president each serving a two year term and a secretary/treasurer selected and approved by the board. Officers are selected from the board and serve a six year term rotating from elect, to president to past president. The SPAC executive board is responsible for oversight of council activities, ISSPA symposium planning and JB Jones Awards.

The SPAC board has a formal board meetings in the fall of each year, and additional telephone/internet conferences dependent on activities and specific projects.




Leticia Sonon - PhD - Sr. Scientist

Biola Innovation Center

Actagro-Nutrien Ag Solutions

Kernman, California

president elect.png

President Elect

Kristin Hicks - PhD

Plant / Waste / Solution / Media Analyses

North Carolina Dept of Ag and Crop Services

Raleigh, North Carolina

Past President.png

Past President

John Spargo - PhD

Director, Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory

University Park, Pennsylvania


Secretary / Treasurer:

Robert O. Miller - PhD

Technical Director Agriculture Laboratory Proficiency Program

Windsor, Colorado


Dustin Sawyer.png

Laboratory Director

Dustin Sawyer - Rock River Laboratory

Watertown, Wisconsin

Quirine Ketterings.png

Laboratory Board Member

Quirine Ketterings - PhD - Professor at Cornell University

Cornell University

Ithaca, New York

Hailin Zhang.png

Laboratory Board Member

Hailin Zhang - PhD - Professor and Director of Soil Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory

Oklahoma State University

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Luke Baker.png

Laboratory Board Member

Luke Baker - PhD - President/CEO at Brookside Laboratories Inc.

Brookside Laboratories Inc., New Brennan Brookside Laboratories Inc.

New Bremen, Ohio

Rao Mylavarapu.png

Laboratory Board Member

Rao Mylavarapu - PhD - Professor and Director of UF/IFAS Analytical Services Laboratories

University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Steve Harrold.png

Laboratory Board Member

Steve Harrold - Laboratory Manager

Servi-Tech, Inc.

Dodge City, Kansas

Jonathan Cox.png

Laboratory Board Member

Jonathan Cox - PhD - General Manager, Ag Sciences

Kuo Testing Labs, Matrix Sciences

Othello, Washington


Rob Mikkelson 2.png

Laboratory Board Member

Rob Mikkelson - PhD - Director of Agronomic Services

Yara International

Merced, California, United States

Bill Urbanowisz.png

Laboratory Board Member

Bill Urbanowisz - Senior Agronomist

Spectrum Analytic, Inc.

Washington Courthouse, Ohio

Ray Ward.png

Laboratory Board Member

Ray Ward - President Ward Laboratories

Ward Laboratories

Kearney, Nebraska

SPAC Presidents

Leticia Sonon 2020-2022

John Spargo 2018-2019

Hailin Zhang 2016-2017

Rob Mikkelson 2014-2015

Rao Mylavarapu 2012-2013

Rigas Karamanos 2010-2011

Dave Kissel 2008-2009

Don Horneck 2006-2007

Mark Flock 2004-2005

Robert Miller 2002-2003

Yash Kalra 2000-2001