International Partners

Who We Work With

The Soil and Plant Analysis Council collaborates internationally with sister organizations around the world in organizing ISSPAs, laboratory proficiency testing and workshops. These include:


ALTA Agricultural Laboratory Trade Association

ALTA (formerly the Illinois Soil Testing Association (ISTA) is a laboratory industry organization founded on the premise the agriculture industry require information that is accurate, consistent, and reliable. To address this need, ALTA maintains two laboratory certification programs to help ensure end-users in the agriculture industry have access too high quality testing results. The Soil Analysis Certification (SAC) and Plant Analysis Certification (PAC) demonstrate a lab’s commitment to higher standards of data quality. ALTA objectives are to promote high quality laboratory testing; cooperation with educational institutions and agencies; and counseling with industry and government leaders on matters of interest to the soil testing profession.


Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC)

The Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) is comprised scientist and laboratories of Australia New Zealand and southeast Asia. ASPAC promotes the adoption of preferred methods and protocols used in soil and plant tissue analysis within Australasia; facilitates national and international communication; and supports training, research and development in soil and plant tissue analysis.


Agri-Laboratory Association of Southern Africa (AgriLASA)

Agri-Laboratory Association of Southern Africa (AgriLASA) is a non-profit organization which aims to provide a forum to promote analytical accuracy, encourage diversity, and provide networking opportunities between soil scientist, laboratories and experts. Member laboratories share technical knowledge and experience, and address common challenges often encountered in agricultural laboratories. A comprehensive, inter-laboratory proficiency test scheme for all the disciplines is co-ordinated by the association. The respective discipline committees monitor the efficacy of the scheme as a means to promote the reliability of analytical services offered.


FAO - Global Soil Partnership

The Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) was established in 2017 to build and strengthen the capacity of laboratories in soil analysis and to respond to the need for harmonizing soil analytical data. Harmonization of methods, units, data and information is critical to (1) provide reliable and comparable information between countries and projects; (2) allow the generation of new harmonized soil data sets; and (3) support evidence-based decision making for sustainable soil management.